Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Quizes can be flattering...and accurate?

I took this Quiz on Facebook which goal was to "find out what decade you belong to" as if we can all be generalized and put into a category. But, what''s wrong with a little harmless timepasser right? I took it and here's what it said about me:

You Belong in the 40's. You are the ultimate romantic at heart. You put a high priority on true love, patriotism, and dedication to honor and duty. Whether it be serving your country or serving your family, you have a very hard work-ethic balanced out by your whimsical, dreamy heart. You are willing to take risks, go where no one has gone before, and you have a sense of pride in everything you do. Just as you are in touch with your inner beauty, you also give just the right amount of focus on your outer beauty-- standing out with the latest fashions and getting in touch with your sensual side. Your sexiness is not scandalous but rather classy and poised. You are the envy of those around you because no matter how much tough work you have to do, you keep a smile and look good while doing it..

This is so me! Like my Mom says: Uncanny!! (Those of you who know her know why I put 2 !! lol) However, I doubt I'm the envy of everyone which is why I said it's flattering lol. Plus, the sexiness thing...I only hear that from non-member guys with agendas and I don't so much take this as a compliment lol. (wish I didn't find turtlenecks strangling lol) But the statements about being a romantic with a whimsical, dreamy side balanced by a strong-work ethic and pride in my work and achievements is so true! I also love to serve just as my Mother does and have a strong dedication to family and country. And I am fond of risk-taking and being the first to do things. And I also love being in fashion and up to date. If you've seen my room and closet of shoes you would know lol but I also know this comes second and also enjoy keeping up to date with the world and am just as interested in reading Time Magazine and National Geographic as I am InStyle and Vogue.

I found this quiz so interesting for the simple reason that it challenged my paradigm. I've always believed each of us is an individual that can never be categorized and slapped with a label especially by a silly Facebook quiz which I'm sure wasn't written by a psychologist with a Ph.D in Human Studies. But maybe we aren't all as different as I first believed. Maybe we're all more alike and not so vastly different that we can relate more to those around us and be more understanding because if we'd think about it there is a little bit of them in us as well. Maybe that's the key to the personal and world peace we all seek...relating and seeing the simlarities instead of the differences. Could be easier said than done but I want to make this a goal.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tagged: 6 unimportant things of happiness

Number One: Being Silly

Number Two: Fairies

Number Three: Hotels With comfy Beds

Number Four: Bare feet in the Sand

Number Five: The ocean and it's wildlife

Number Six: Lavender

Monday, February 2, 2009

My New Calling

I got called yesterday to be a Relief Society instructor and the story is kinda cool so I thought I'd share it:
I was sitting in Sac. Meeting next to Christie Bessinger. The bishop announced new callings and Christie was called to be a R.S. Instructor. When she sat down she said how nervous she was because she doesn't get along with girls that well. I said, "Really? I always thought that would a calling I would like to have."
Well, as I'm sitting in Sunday School Casey came and pulled me out of class to see the Bishop. I thought he just wanted to do the Temple Reccomend interview because we're doing baptisms on Friday. But when I got in there after the reccomend he told me I had a new calling. And I was flabbergasted when he told me what it was. I guess that Lord really is always listening, huh? So be careful what you say peeps! haha

Lions, and Tigers, and Boydstons! Oh My!

So the B's were here about a month after they promised. lol But they did arrive finally so that's what counts. I decided to forgive their delay because their Grandpa was having health problems. Gracious aren't I? haha

We had a birthday party for Shelby complete with handmade banner, presents, and a tweety bird PINK cake (heheehe). He seemed to enjoy it even though he's not one for birthdays...or so he says. Who isn't into birthdays? The entire day is about YOU, who wouldn't love that?? haha And he certainly should because he always has to be the center of attention or he sulks. lol But in exchange for the party and his gift, which he loved, I got my car worked on and he sat on my icy feet to keep them warm, so it all worked out well for me. haha
Bryce was a little jealous because we didn't throw one for him in Sept. but we'll make up for it this Sept. althoough he'll probably be on his mission.

Oh, the B's wanted us to tell ya'll that they're coming to stay with us for a week in June so they'll have time to visit you guys then. Anyway I thought I'd post some pics for you guys to see. Isn't the one of Papa and I super cute? lol

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wanna go on a Hike?

Hey ya'll I'm organizing a hike to Half Dome in the Spring when the snow melts. let me know if you want to go! Peace ;o)

Free time Update

I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. My mom really puts me to shame on that point and to think I got her started! lol Biology, History, and Stats take up my blogging time. But I figured since I just got back from the Gym I could spare a few minutos for an update and to take my mind off annoying guys at the gym. Who wants to be hit on in the gym? NO ONE! I'm thinking of making a workout T that says BACK OFF!! haha I'm no supermodel why does this keep happening to me? ugh. Anyway...

Well, ya'll know me and my love of travel, even if it's just a roadtrip to SF or SD. I had one this last weekend as I'm sure you probably know to L.A. to go to the Price's Right which is now dubbed the Price's Wrong. The people that run this show are absoulute imbeciles. Let me just say that I am NOT a morning person and that show got me up even before the cock crows and we didn't even get in! There goes my dreams of finding another way to fund med school. Having a ticket means nothing! Yeah thanks for the free and apparently meaningless tickets Matt! I actually feel a little bad for Matt because my normally sweet cousin gave him a sound tongue lashing. hehehehehehehehe so maybe not that bad. lol

Let me just say neither of us was not a pleasant person. haha My sassy/scary alter ego and my cousin Mel's: Shedaisy and Sheniquwa came out. haha Plus we had to deal with our feuding mothers locked up in a car and a hotel, albeit very fancy hotel, for 2 days. My mom and my Aunt Sara do NOT get along. So I'm the one who was left with her because apparently I'm the only one who can handle her, especially when she's coffee deprived. lol Mel even flees. I personally don't think she's that bad, but that's because according to her she and I have the same sassy attitude and I should've been her daughter. She thinks Mel and I were switched at birth. haha My mom even called me begging for me to hurry and come back from shopping for shoes in MY HEAVEN because Sara was driving her nuts shut up in the car smacking gum. lol
So that was this weekend this week has been interesting as well. It's made me miss my BFF Jess. She moved to Virginia like living in Utah wasn't far enough away. lol She was the best roommate and is the perfect person for commiseration. She just listens and that's a rare thing as we all know. I'm dying for her to send back our circle journal so I can write this stuff down. I HATE money. Does anybody know how much textbooks cost for a Biology major??? I'd tell you but I'm sure you'd have a heart attack like I did and I can tell you how not fun it was. lol I'll just say it's triple my tuition. I tried ordering on Amazon but they ripped me off and didn't ship the books so I had to get from the rip off bookstore. Has anybody else had a problem with Amazon? I'm about to lead a riot if I get some supporters! haha Ugh. I need a new job to pay for all this expesnse. let me know if anybody hears of one. Please and thank you ;o) I just have to have faith that the lord will provide the funds someway for med school.
Anyway I think that's about it. All my Love Hill

Saturday, January 3, 2009

AZ and Utahrd

After Christmas my Mom and I went to Utah by way of AZ where we stopped to stay with the Boydston's for awhile. I had a blast!!! I missed Mama Julie and Papa Jeff and my boys! Bryce and Shelby never fail to crack me up even though Shelby exasperates me at the same time but it's WAY too hard to stay upset for long he's too funny and the puppy dog face is hard to resist. lol Plus when he let me drive his truck I had to surrender. haha I'd forgotten how much I'd missed the B's because I've been so busy but I really have. But they're coming in a little over a week and I'm so excited.

After we left the B's we headed to Utahrd by way of the Hoover Dam. Papa Jeff tried to give us an alternate route but we said we wanted to go that way to see the dam. MISTAKE! Now I understand the smirk on his face. lol
I actually had a nice time in Utah, which was a surprise. Part of it was because my Aunt Jamie and her family met us there and that I got to go shooting. I'm still a great shot, I outshot the boys! haha

Anyway here are some pics. (Ignore Shelby's face he thinks he's funny. lol)